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Toothpaste with silica

    Toothpaste processing silica-based high-quality silicone into a powder, which is characterized by excellent thixotropic and durability. Because of its good thixotropy can effectively solve the problem brushing toothpaste dregs, while, because of its durability and tooth matching coefficient, reducing the degree of wear of the teeth, and chemical stability.

product manual

    Toothpaste is amorphous silica powder, odorless, insoluble in water or acids into chemical inertness, and fluoride toothpaste and other materials good compatibility, the silica structure and size can be controlled by the production conditions for toothpaste The different types were produced: friction, hybrid, thickening type three products.
Specifications: 300 mesh -400 mesh or by agreement

Description silica gel toothpaste

    In the conventional toothpaste industrial production, most with calcium dihydrogen phosphate, calcium carbonate, alumina, etc., as a filler, most of these substances exist in this merely as a filler, and due to the large number of phosphide, easily lead to water quality rich phosphorus, causing secondary pollution, moreover, these substances wear coefficient and tooth wear coefficient that much difference, excessive use of dental damage already proven. The powdery substance to toothpaste with silica-based high-quality silicone processing and modulation according to human teeth wear coefficient selection is made; and resolved easily agglomerate, dregs and other issues toothpaste use, the test proved that silicone having a wear coefficient to match the tooth, reducing the wear on the teeth, increased whiteness teeth; and using silica gel toothpaste in time using the rapid formation of a slurry, the dregs difficult, so that each significantly reduce the amount of brushing toothpaste .


1, toothpaste stable physical and chemical properties of silica, does not react with other ingredients in toothpaste (such as fluoride, herbs, spices, etc.) occur, and thus has the best compatibility.
2, silica is a safe, non-toxic toothpaste food additives, drugs commonly used excipients countries in the world, precisely because of its stable physical and chemical properties, it will not work with the body's gastric juice, saliva play a role, so they have the best safety.
3, using silica gel toothpaste density lower than other materials, which means that with the same weight of paste, can produce a greater number of toothpaste.
4, using different types of toothpaste silica gel, can achieve the required high purity, requiring high RDA values, can also reach the need to protect the gums to prevent damage to exposed dentine (the elderly and people with impaired teeth), low RDA requirements, and to meet the addition of certain beneficial oral care, treatment demands.
5, toothpaste with silica as an excellent stabilizer, has been widely used aspects of food, beverages, drugs, etc., if only as a beer stabilizer, the world's annual consumption of several tons of toothpaste with silica gel has excellent storage stabilizers, anti-caries toothpaste especially to improve the stability of the fluoride, it is the most suitable.

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