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Silica for Feed additive

Technical Parameters:

AppearanceMicro pearlPowderMicro pearl
Heating loss (105°C) %≤ 6.5≤ 6.5≤ 6.5
Loss on ignition (1000±25°C)%≤ 8.5≤ 8.5≤ 8.5
DBP Oil Absorption Value DBP cm3/g2.4-3.02.4-3.01.8-2.5
Silica(dry basis) %≥ 96≥ 96≥ 96
PH-value(10%aqueous solution)6.0-7.56.0-7.56.0-7.5
Heavy metal (Pb) mg/kg≤ 30≤ 30≤30
As  mg/kg≤ 3.0≤ 3.0≤ 3.0
Cd  mg/kg≤ 0.5≤ 0.5≤ 0.5
Pb mg/kg≤ 5≤ 5≤ 5
Na2SO4   %≤ 4.0≤ 4.0≤ 4.0
Average grain diameter d50  μm150-25080-150180-450


Standard :DB35/T 1208-2011

CAS NO: 112926-00-8 (7631-86-9)
EINECS No: 231-545-4
Product Description:The product is highly-purified white particle or powder with favorable fluidity. It is mainly used in feed additive, vitamin E and other industries. It is favorable carrier for feed flavor enhancement, mildew-proof agent, antioxidant, allicin, swelling agent, caking inhibitor, premix compound, microelement, vitamin and other products.

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