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Airspay silicon dioxide

This product adopts advanced production craft and owns big pore volume and high purity.
1. better color reducibility
2. strong absorption and quick drying speed
3. higher color saturation
4. higher sense of hierarchy

Physical and chemical index:

Index \ varietyYR-240YR-260YR-280
SiO2(dry base)=%99.9999
Content ml/g1.6-1.851.6-1.851.4-1.6
Average grain diameter(lasing)um468
Loss on drying%≤ 6≤ 6≤ 6
Loss on ignition%≤ 4≤ 4≤ 4
pH (5% water suspension)6 ~ 76 ~ 76 ~ 7


Application range:

Received medium variety \ suitable typeYR-260YR-280YR-240
Fibre papersgloss photo paper (primary coat)
Glossy printing paper
colour printing paper
Glossy printing paper(waterproof)
colour printing paper (waterproof)
Synthetic paperPVC identification card cloth
Glossy PP Synthetic paper
back glue PP paper
PVC identification card cloth
Glossy PP Synthetic paper(waterproof)
back glue PP paper(waterproof)
Merceryart cloth
picture cloth
oil painting cloth
art cloth(waterproof)
picture cloth(waterproof)
Films  Spraying back light film
Back glue back light film
Plate making films


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