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Data released by Booz "2016--2022 China's ultra-fine silicon dioxide airgel market depth research and investment outlook report" describes the ultra-fine silica aerogels industry-related overview of Chinese ultra-fine silica aerogels industry operating environment, analyzed the current situation of Chinese ultra-fine silica aerogels industry, China ultrafine silica aerogels industry competition pattern of China ultrafine silica aerogels made a key industry enterprise performance analysis Chinese ultra-fine silica aerogels and prospects for industrial development and investment forecasts. If you wish to ultrafine silica aerogels industry has to understand a system or want to invest in ultra-fine silica aerogels industry, the report is an indispensable tool for you.

What is silicon dioxide airgel? What is airgel? When the gel off most of the solvent, the gel content is much less than in the liquid solids or gels spatial mesh structure filled with the medium is a gas, as a solid appearance, it is the dry gel, also called airgel. Such as gelatin, gum arabic, silica gel, hair, nails and so on. Aerogel also has properties of the gel, which has expanded the role of the thixotropic effect, syneresis effect.

There is a invention provides a porous silicon dioxide aerogel composite membrane and method for making the same and a carbon dioxide sorption device. The porous silicon oxide aerogel composite membrane includes a porous aluminum oxide membrane having a plurality of macro pores with an average diameter larger than 50 nm and a porous silica aerogel membrane formed on at least one side of the porous aluminum oxide membrane and the macro pores of surface layers of the porous aluminum oxide membrane where the porous silica aerogel membrane has a plurality of meso pores with an average diameter of 2?50 nm and is derived from methyltrimethoxysilane precursor by a sol-gel synthetic method.



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