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It is further known to precipitate Silicon Dioxide from aqueous alkali metal silicate solutions by acidification and then to dry it. This precipitated SiO2 is mixed with the polymer or a precursor. Here again, irregular particle structures with very broad particle size distributions are obtained. Another possibility is to prepare pyrogenic silica by flame hydrolysis of silicon halogen compounds. This produces particles of very complex morphology and extremely broad particle size distribution, since the primary particles produced in the flame hydrolysis undergo partial agglomeration and form other associated superstructures. Pyrogenic silica, moreover, is expensive to prepare.

The processes depicted have the drawback, furthermore, that the targeted preparation of Silicon Dioxide fillers with a monomodal, narrow particle size distribution is impossible; this drawback is particularly pronounced in the case of the three first-mentioned processes. The result of this is that dispersions of the filler in polymer precursors exhibit unwanted rheological properties, in particular a high viscosity, even at relatively low filler concentrations, and these properties make processing more difficult.

Here is a method of Silicon Dioxide / wood composite manufacturing, the timber is immersed in tetraethylorthosilicate as the ceramic precursor, ethanol (EtOH) as a solvent, a solution of phosphoric acid as a catalyst for chemical processing, and then by aging, dried. By the method of the present invention can be modified wood defects, performance improvement; while maintaining the porosity of wood, the production process is simple, stable quality, reduce costs, it can be low density, soft material for the preparation of various types of wood flooring , interior decoration and furniture, timber, and has broad prospects for development.



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