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This article is about the invention. The invention relates to a silicon dioxide dispersion comprising:

a) an external fluid phase comprising

a1) polymerizable monomers, oligomers and/or prepolymers convertible to polymers by nonradical reactions; and/or

a2) polymers,

b) a disperse phase comprising amorphous silicon dioxide.

It is known to provide polymeric materials such as polyurethanes, polyureas or reactive resins, as they are known, with fillers in order to modify certain properties of the polymeric material. By way of example it is possible in this way to improve impact strength, flexural strength, hardness or electrical insulation capacity.

It is already known to use silica or silicon dioxide (SiO2) as a filler in polymers. Various processes for preparing SiO2 fillers are known from prior public use.

Natural (mineral) SiO2 can, for example, be brought to desired particle size by grinding and mixed with the polymer or a polymer precursor. Ground silicon dioxide generally has a very broad particle size distribution and an irregular particle structure. Particle sizes of less than 1 μm are difficult to obtain or unobtainable by mechanical comminution of the SiO2.

Here we use silicon dioxide as a filler in different kinds of polymers. By measuring the wood surface coating abrasion resistance, adhesion, gloss, impact resistance, hardness, resistance to aging and resistance to cold fluid properties, Influence of SiO2 on the wood surface properties of the coating; by measuring the moisture expansion of the wood surface abrasion resistance and UV-aging properties, study the influence condition sol-gel method on the surface of SiO2 generate improved performance of wood; we use scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDXA) analysis.



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