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We report on the characteristics of a-plane GaN films directly grown on optimized silicon dioxide patterned r-plane sapphire substrates. 

Various shapes and sizes of silicon dioxide patterns were considered with the aim of achieving fully coalescent a-plane GaN films with a smooth surface and high crystalline quality. The omega full widths at half maximum of the (11–20) X-ray rocking curve values of optimized a-plane GaN films with regular hexagonal patterns of 1 μm window width and 6 μm mask width were measured to be 597 arc sec along the c-axis direction and 457 arc sec along the m-axis direction. Atomic force microscopy images revealed a significant reduction in the density of submicron pits in the mask region. Plan-view and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy images showed that basal stacking faults and threading dislocation densities were reduced from ~ 5.7 × 105 cm? 1 and ~ 1 × 109 cm? 2 in the window region to ~ 1.8 × 105 cm? 1 and ~ 2.1 × 108 cm? 2 in the mask region, respectively.

We also study the surface treatment on Nano-Silicon Dioxide and the way of addition effect on nano-SiO2 / urea formaldehyde resin performance, the result shows that: treated with KH-550 silane on nano-SiO2 surface, using a batch-type ultrasonic vibration method to add urea-formaldehyde resins, can effectively improve resin properties. When the amount of addition nano-SiO2 less than 1.5%, with the increase of the amount of addition, the bonding strength of the resin increased, the content of free formaldehyde decreased, however, the cure time invariant.



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