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In the present study, AM-AFM is used to measure the thickness and loss tangent of exfoliated graphene on silicon dioxide (SiO2) as RH is increased from 10% to 80%. We show that the measured thickness of graphene is dependent on relative humidity (RH). The properties of Few-Layer Graphene (FLG) change with the number of layers and Amplitude Modulation (AM) Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) is commonly used to determine the thickness of FLG. However, AFM measurements have been shown to be sensitive to environmental conditions such as relative humidity (RH).

We hypothesize that there is a layer of water trapped between the graphene and silicon dioxide (SiO2) substrate to explain this observation. Using this interpretation, the loss tangent images also indicate movement and change in this trapped water layer as RH increases, which impacts the measured thickness of graphene using AM-AFM. The loss tangent values of the graphene and oxide regions are both affected by humidity, with generally higher loss tangent for graphene than SiO2.

Silicon Dioxide can also use in wood. In order to clarify the microstructure and physical properties of Silicon Dioxide/wood composite material, we use EDAX and XRD analysis of the microstructure of sol-gel prepared silica / wood composites by stress relaxation, dielectric properties, TGA, measurement of the surface hardness to the analysis of the physical properties of the material.  



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