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Functionalized silicon dioxide nanoparticles (nano-fSiO2(Silicon Dioxide)) were uniformly deposited on the surface of carbon fibers (CFs) using a coating process which consisted of immersing the fibers directly in a suspension of nano-fSiO2 particles and epoxy monomers in 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NMP). The 0° flexural properties, 90° flexural properties, and Interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) mechanical properties of unidirectional epoxy composites made with nano-fSiO2+epoxy sized carbon fibers, with control fibers, and with epoxy-only sized fibers were measured and compared. An obvious increase of the fiber/matrix adherence strength was obtained with the nano-fSiO2+epoxy coating. 

The nano-fSiO2(Silicon Dioxide)+epoxy sized CF/epoxy composites showed a relative increase of 15%, 50%, and 22% in comparison to control fibers, for the Interlaminar shear strength, the 90° flexural strength and the 90° flexural modulus, respectively but little e difference was measured between the different systems for the 0° flexural properties. 

Add 2% to 5% nano-Silicon Dioxide in polypropylene resin to make polypropylene products, the strength and toughness has significantly improved, and has dimensional stability. The processing performance improved, suitable in the production of automotive body fenders, bumpers and equipment, instruments and other components, advanced materials can replace nylon modified polyphenylene ether and plastic alloys, thereby reducing the cost of production of steam.



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