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Silicon dioxide and silicon (SiO2/SiSiO2/Si) interface plays a very important role in semiconductor industry. However, at nanoscale, its interfacial thermal properties have not been well understood so far. In this paper, we systematically study the interfacial thermal resistance (Kapitza resistance) of a heterojunction composed of amorphous silicon dioxide and crystalline silicon by using molecular dynamics simulations. 

Numerical results have shown that Kapitza resistance at Silicon Dioxide/SiSiO2/Siinterface depends on the interfacial coupling strength remarkably. In the weak interfacial coupling limit, Kapitza resistance depends on both the detailed interfacialstructure and the length of the heterojunction, showing large fluctuation among different samples. In contrast, it is almost insensitive to the detailed interfacialstructure or the length of the heterojunction in the strong interfacial coupling limit, giving rise to a nearly constant value around 0.9×10?9m2KW?10.9×10?9m2KW?1 at room temperature.

Adding nano-Silicon Dioxide particles to the epoxy resin, the experimental results show that: the right amount of nano-SiO2 can impact strength of the composites, the elongation at break has greatly improved, while the heat resistance of materials is also improving. Epoxy resin has excellent mechanical, electrical, adhesion, chemical stability and other properties, it has important applications in adhesives, electrical insulating materials and composite materials. However, the  biggest weakness of Epoxy is the cured brittleness, the traditional method of toughening material strength can increase exponentially, but it is inevitable that other properties of the material will decline. The rise of nanotechnology, bring a  new revolution of material in modified.



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