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The use of a proteomics platform, with appropriately designed experimental conditions, enabled the early biological perturbations induced by nano-Silicon Dioxide in a model target cell system to be identified. Similar studies, on nanoparticles with different physico-chemical characteristics should enable the toxicity pathways/key events on their interaction with cells to be mapped.

Nano-Silicon Dioxide particles may impart amphipathic properties on the nanoparticles thus facilitating their transport through the lymphatic and circulatory systems and possible elimination. The presence of vitronectin and fibronectin in the corona is of interest as these proteins are involved in cell membrane stability, integrity, adhesion and wound healing and such proteins in the coating could affect the ability of nano-SiO2 particles to penetrate cells. It would be interesting to examine this further by identifying any intracellular proteins that bind nano-SiO2 particles, as this may give clues as to the mechanism of toxicity.

Nano-Silicon Dioxide having a three-dimensional network structure and has a large specific surface area, it showed great activity, capable of forming a network structure when paint dries.  It can not only increasing the strength and smoothness of the paint, but also improve the pigment suspension, maintaining long-term change paint colors.  In the interior and exterior wall paint, if the add nano SiO2, it can significantly improve the effect of open cans of paint, the paint is not hierarchical. It has thixotropic, anti-sagging, good application properties, especially anti-staining performance greatly improved, with excellent self-cleaning ability and adhesion.



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