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Whilst this will clearly depend on the nature of nanoparticle and the cell type used, previous studies on nano-Silicon Dioxide and/or A549 cells have reported increased oxidative stress. This difference in findings may be because of the choice of experimental conditions in the present study, which enabled cellular responses to be assessed prior to loss of viability or deterioration in morphology. This emphasises the importance of study design in such investigations. Early responses are likely to be the most discriminating.

It is known that in a biological environment nano-Silicon Dioxide will associate with macromolecules (e.g. proteins and lipids) that coat the nanoparticles and form what has been termed a “corona”. Such a coating influences the uptake, toxicity, cellular response and clearance rates of nano-SiO2 particles.  Analysis of the corona of A549 cells incubated with culture medium by SDS-PAGE indicated preferential binding of three main serum proteins, and these were identified as albumin, apolipoprotein A-I and hemoglobin. Interaction of nano-SiO2 with these proteins has been reported previously.

Nano-Silicon Dioxide has special optical properties that a conventional SiO2 does not has, it has a strong absorption of ultraviolet and infrared reflection characteristics.  Spectrophotometer tests showed that at 400mn its  UV wavelength absorbance less than 70%.When it added to the paint coating, it will formed on the shielding effect, to achieve UV and heat aging purposes, increasing the insulation coating.  By filling nano-SiO2 to UV-curable coatings, can significantly increase the UV-curable coating hardness and adhesion, weakened the degree of UV-curable coatings absorb UV radiation. Thereby reducing the UV-curable coatings cure speed.



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