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Discussion on nano-Silicon Dioxide: the present study was undertaken to explore the feasibility of using proteomics to identify toxicity pathways in cultured cells as a basis for the development of high throughput screens, and more focused assessments, of nanomaterials. In order to explore proof-of-principle, it was necessary to establish experimental conditions in which the cells could be studied under conditions of stress induced by nanoparticles, yet retained their viability, to ensure specificity of the response.

As others have shown, the effects of nanoparticles on cultured cells are critically dependent upon the incubation conditions. In the present study, it was shown that the composition of the medium used to maintain A549 cells markedly influenced the effects of nano-Silicon Dioxide particles on the cells. Under typical culture conditions, where the medium contained 10% serum, concentrations of nano-SiO2 up to 1000 μg/ml had no obvious effect on the morphology, function or viability of the cells. The protective effects of 10% serum on the cytotoxicity of nano-SiO2 particles have been reported previously.

Our research on nanomaterials started relatively late, until the "Eighth Five plan" will "nanomaterials" column after one major infrastructure projects, research in this area has rapidly unfolded, and achieved remarkable results. Cooperation by the end of 1996 with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Solid State Physics Zhoushan Putuo or Hing company, has developed Nano Silicon Dioxide, so that China become the first five countries to mass production of this product after United States, Britain, Japan, Germany. 



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