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The microstructural features of the Si-SiOsystem and the chemical physics of its defects are reviewed and examined. Topics are grouped by scientific commonality, rather than by the usual technological manifestations. The role of atomic and molecular sized entities is emphasized, and the latter are limited to those containing only Si, O, H, or combinations thereof. Most of the reported researches involve x-ray or electron diffraction, Auger or photoelectron spectroscopy, Rutherford backscattering, electron spin resonance, or capacitance-voltage or deep-level transient spectroscopy. Several forms of crystalline and amorphous vitreous silica are considered as a basis for discussion of thin film thermal silica on silicon wafers. Local lattice symmetry, stoichiometry, bond lengths and angles, vacancies and voids, dangling orbital centres, and fixed and migratory hydrogen species are treated extensively. Elements of relevant theory are summarized. Overall, it is hoped to provide a solid data base for future development of general models for essential electronic phenomena in the Si-SiOsystem.



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