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However, there was a rapid decrease in the number of cells in the region of interest following treatment with 10 μg/ml nano-silicon dioxide in serum-free medium. The effect was evident after just 1 h and by 4 h very few cells in the region of interest were found. In contrast, in cells treated with 100 μg/ml nano-SiO2 in medium containing 1.25% serum there was only a small decrease in the number of cells in the region of interest after 4 h, although thereafter the number of cells decreased until by 24 h very few were found.

MTT reduction, which is an indirect measure of mitochondrial function, was also assessed under these culture conditions. In serum-free medium at concentrations at or below 1 μg/ml nano-silicon dioxide there was no effect on MTT reduction, but above this threshold there was a rapid and substantial effect resulting in a precipitous decrease in MTT reduction. In contrast, in the presence of 1.25% serum, the cells were relatively tolerant and MTT reduction was affected only at a concentration of 100 μg/ml nano-SiO2.

Using an atomic force/friction force microscope at 5% -99% relative humidity range, studied on silicon dioxide and silica matrix octadecyl trimethoxysilane self-assembled monolayers (referred OTE SAM / SiO2) and surface friction adhesion variation with humidity. Experiments show that OTE SAM / SiO2 can significantly improve the friction properties of the surface of the silica matrix.



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