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Silicon dioxide and synthetic amorphous silica are chemically identical. As an indirect use, silicon dioxide can be used in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, defoaming agents, greases and lubricants, paper and paperboard and polymers that are then used as components of food-packaging materials. Silicon dioxide and silicates have a long history of use in food without detrimental effects. They have been reviewed by two scientific groups. 

Silica gel (aerogel) consists of 97% silicon dioxide and 3% water and is very chemically similar to other silicon products. Fumed silica has been cleared by the Food & Drug Administration. Synthetic amorphous silica is prepared by a high temperature combustion process which creates silicon dioxide molecules which condense to form particles or can be prepared by a wet route. It differs from natural silicon dioxide in that the synthetic amorphous silica does not have the crystalline lattice structure that natural silicon dioxide possesses. It is comprised of small silicon dioxide particles. It has increased flowability and thickening characteristics compared to natural silicon dioxide. It is also a very high

purity silicon dioxide (>99.8%).

A significant human exposure route to silica is through the diet, as Silicon dioxide, in general, are widely used in foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of medical and dental applications. Various forms of silica are used as direct and indirect food ingredients, numerous clearances under 21 CFR for direct use in food and food-packaging. Both silicon dioxide and silica gel have been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for many food applications, as both a direct food additive at levels up to 2 percent by weight, and as a substance allowed in the manufacture of materials that come in direct contact with food in various producing, manufacturing, packing, preparing, transporting and holding operations. Silica is mainly used in the food industry to prevent caking powdered food gathering, in order to maintain a free flow of food additives or for the adsorption of liquid spices, oils and fats, vitamins, etc., make it a powder, such as powdered fat, solid perfume and solid products like wine. (Example: milk powder). The ingredients of potato chips and the health products also contain  Silicon dioxide.



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