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Is there any risk from this material to humans and the environment? Nanoscaled silicon dioxide occurs almost exclusively in its unstructured amorphous form which so far hasn't shown any negative characteristics in all performed experiments from animal to environmental studies. Silicon is an essential ultra-trace element for the human body and silicon dioxide in its amorphous form is considered to be non-hazardous. On the other hand the crystalline version of silicon dioxide is known to be harmful to humans: those who are permanently exposed to quartz dust, e.g. at their work place below ground, carry a high risk for chronic lung diseases (e.g. silicosis) and other pathological changes in the lung.

Conclusion: Humans come into contact with silicon dioxide particles on a daily basis: at the beach, in food products, like paints, glues and many more and this also includes silicon dioxide nanoparticles. The amorphous form of silicon dioxide is considered to be non-hazardous whereas the crystalline form has been shown to cause severe lung toxicity both in animals and humans.

Quartz is non-malleable materials,Quartz also called silicon dioxide, it with clay at high temperatures may generated mullite crystals porcelain given a higher mechanical strength and chemical stability, and can increase the body's translucency, glaze preparation is good raw materials. Republic of China Jingdezhen produced multi-use bottle under Sambo village quartz. Most of the founding of New China adopted the stars, are chang, Xiushui quartz and other places, especially after 2000, the amount of quartz increased. Glaze amount of 10% to 30%, should be washed before using chosen to remove dirt impurities in high-temperature calcination kiln, easy smash.



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