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Silicon dioxide is the main component of beach sand and is commonly known as quartz in its pure crystalline form. For industrial purposes the amorphous (non-crystalline form) silicon dioxide or silica is of greater importance. 

Amorphous Silicon dioxide can be found in a range of products including varnishes, glues and paints. It is also used in foods and in dietary supplements sold in drug stores and pharmacies. 

How can I come into contact with this material? Dietary uptake of small amounts of silicon is important for the human body as silicon is one of the ultra-trace elements. Amorphous silicon dioxide is also being used as a food additive (labelled E551) or as a component in medicinal clay whereby it could enter the human body via the gastro-intestinal tract. Dermal uptake of silicon dioxide particles derived from contact with paints, inks or adhesives is highly unlikely. Quartz, the crystalline form of silicon dioxide, can be inhaled as fine dust that is released from underground mining activities when digging for ore, coal and other minerals. Since the overall amount of silica in the environment is very high it is difficult to distinguish between naturally occurring silica and industrially generated silicon dioxide.

Quartz, also known as silicon dioxide, is one of the most widely distributed mineral surface of the Earth, its use is quite extensive. Far in the Stone Age, people use it to make stone axes, arrows and other simple tools of production, in order to hunt for food and the fight against the enemy. Quartz clock, electronic equipment piezoelectric quartz substrate was used as a standard frequency; molten glass made, can be used for the production of optical instruments, glasses, glass and other products; can also do precision instruments bearing, abrasive materials, glass, ceramics, etc. industrial raw materials.



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