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Spherical silicon dioxide, mainly used for large-scale and ultra-large scale integrated circuit package, according to the degree of integration (the number of standard components per block) to determine whether the spherical silica, when the integration of 1M to 4M, has been part the use of spherical powder, 8M to 16M set degree, have all the use of spherical powder. 250M set level, the integrated circuit line width of 0.25μm, when the 1G set level, the integrated circuit line width has been as small as 0.18μm, the current computer PIV processor CPU chip, to achieve this level.

Fused spherical silicon dioxide is basically free of radioactive α-ray pollution, can be done below 0.02PPb uranium content. When the integration is large, because the gap between the ultra-large scale integrated circuit is very small, the packaging material radioactive when the IC circuit will produce source error, will make the reliability of large-scale integrated circuit work is affected, it must be radioactive strict requirements. While the natural quartz raw materials to reach (0.2 ~ 0.4) PPb as a good raw material. Now the use of spherical silicon dioxide powder is mainly made of natural raw materials made of spherical silica powder, and are mostly imported silica powder.



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