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High purity, ultra-fine, nano-molten spherical silicon dioxide, because of its high dielectric, high heat resistance, high moisture resistance, high filling, low expansion, low stress, low impurities, low friction coefficient and other superior performance, large-scale, integrated circuit substrate and packaging materials, has become an indispensable high-quality materials. 

Why is it spherical? First, the surface flow of the ball is good, and the resin is uniformly mixed with the resin, the resin is added in a small amount, and the fluidity is the best, the filling amount of the powder can reach the highest, the weight ratio can reach 90.5%, so the spherical means that the oxidation the higher the thermal expansion coefficient, the lower the thermal conductivity is, the closer to the thermal expansion coefficient of the monocrystalline silicon, and the performance of the electronic components produced by this is also higher. Secondly, the stress concentration of the plasticizer is the smallest and the strength is the highest. The stress of the spherical powder is only 0.6. Therefore, when the spherical powder plastic seal package is integrated with the integrated circuit chip, the yield is high, and transport, installation, use the process is not easy to produce mechanical damage. Third, the spherical powder friction coefficient is small, the mold wear is small, so that the mold life is long, compared with the angle powder, mold life can be doubled, plastic packaging mold prices are high, and some also need to import, which on the packaging plant to reduce costs and improve economic efficiency is also very important.



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