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The ultrafine silicon dioxide(SiO2) powder was prepared by sol - gel method. In order to improve the reaction rate, a proper amount of catalyst was added into the reaction system. In the process of hydrolysis and polycondensation of ethyl orthosilicate, different catalysts were added under the same conditions, and the catalytic mechanism was different, it will always produce different structures and morphological hydrolysis products. Even if the same kind of protonic acid as a catalyst, due to its different anion radius will also have a greater impact on the hydrolysis rate.

A mixture of saturated sodium acetate and acetic acid as the catalyst powder obtained at 1200℃ after sintering XRD patterns, can be seen from the figure, a sharp peak appeared near 2θ° = 29°, and the crystal form of the crystal was phosphorous-quartz, and the crystal of the other peak was the cristobalite, which indicated that silicon dioxide(SiO2) had started from amorphous to crystalline conversion, and its crystalline state is basically cristobalite, only a small amount of phosphorus quartz. That is to say, the calcination temperature of the powders prepared by different catalysts is different.

When the sintering temperature of the powder is 400℃, 600℃, 800℃ and 1000℃, the powder has a peak around 2θ = 23°, indicating that the silicon dioxide(SiO2) sample is mainly in the amorphous state, No obvious crystallization and phase transition occurred at 1000 ℃. When the powder sintering temperature is 1200℃ and 1400℃, the powder has a sharp peak near 2θ = 23°, which indicates that the SiO2 sample is crystallized and the SiO2 sample is mainly in the crystalline form. That is, the higher the sintering temperature, the more complete powder crystallization.



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