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Nano-silicon dioxide is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, and has the advantages of high surface energy and high adsorption capacity. It is a high-quality stabilizer and fusion agent. Have a wide range of applications in electronics, optics, biochemical science and etc..

Nano-silicon dioxide is an inorganic nonmetallic nanomaterial, its particle size between 1-100nm, with strong adsorption, good plasticity, at the same time with high magnetoresistance and low thermal conductivity and other characteristics, has been widely used in electronic metallurgy, aerospace and medical and health industries. And because of its small particle size, high chemical purity, good dispersion and other specific advantages, making it the most promising new inorganic materials for many related industries to provide a high quality material foundation and technical support. Its broad commercial prospects and economic value, its preparation, purification, chemical reactions, and the nature of applications has become a hot spot in scientific research.

As a new type of inorganic non-metallic materials, nano-silicon dioxide surface of the performance of hydrophilic, according to similar compatibility principle, resulting in compatibility with inorganic reagents, to organic matter with poor performance. When it is mixed with organic matter with low rate, difficult to disperse. In order to enhance its compatibility with organic matter, so its surface modification. The surface modification of nano-silica is mainly divided into two kinds of heat treatment and chemical modification. The surface modification of the silica is carried out to treat the hydroxyl groups on the surface thereof to react to reduce the amount of the silyl groups of the hydrophilic groups on the surface of the nano-silica, making it mainly hydrophobic-based hydrophobic.



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