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In recent years, monodisperse silicon dioxide spherical particles have been widely used in the preparation of photonic crystals. The photonic crystals have been widely used, and the application of photonic crystals has been widely used to promote the preparation of monodisperse silicon dioxide spherical particles. 

Photon crystal is a kind of artificial microstructure material composed of the periodic arrangement of the medium. Since the propagation of the electromagnetic wave can be described by the band theory similar to that propagated by electrons in the semiconductor, the photon crystal is named. The crystal and the electronic crystal (semiconductor) the difference and contact. Photonic crystals are considered to be effective tools for controlling the propagation of photons (electromagnetic waves). Photonic crystals are typically characterized by photonic bandgap. When the spontaneous emission frequency of the substance is within the photonic bandgap, it can be used to suppress the spontaneous emission of the material within the photonic crystal. At the same time, when a defect is introduced into the photonic crystal, if the spontaneous emission frequency of the substance coincides with the frequency of the defective mode, it can be used to enhance the spontaneous emission of the substance, and this spontaneous emission has characteristics similar to stimulated radiation. Photonic crystals can be used to prepare ultra-high quality factor microcavities for studying cavity quantum electrodynamics effects and are a powerful tool for quantum communication and quantum information processing.



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