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With the rapid development of science and technology in China, with the help of these modern technologies, China's traditional agriculture is also rapidly changing to modern new agriculture. The use of some new materials such as (nano-silicon dioxide) makes our agricultural products more gratifying, more food safety and preservation, to people's lives brought a lot of convenience and new experience. 

Nano-silicon dioxide is one of the most important high-tech ultra-fine inorganic new materials, because of its small particle size, strong surface adsorption, surface energy, high chemical purity, good dispersion, thermal resistance, resistance and other aspects of specific Of the performance, it is widely used in many disciplines and fields, its unique characteristics, play an irreplaceable role. The development of modern technology is to open up its increasingly broad prospects for the use of. 

With the in-depth study of nano-silicon dioxide, and gradually developed some of its new applications. Such as modern agriculture, the application of nano-silicon dioxide to produce agricultural seed treatment agent, can make vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber), cotton, corn, wheat and other crops to improve production and shorten the maturity. Another example is the application of nano-silicon dioxide in herbicides and pesticides, if the granular insecticide formula, adding a small amount of nano-silicon dioxide will effectively control and prevent the generation of harmful substances.



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