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Application of spherical silicon dioxide powder in electrical insulation packaging materials:

Electric grade spherical silicon dioxide powder for electrical products epoxy insulation seal filler, not only can greatly increase the filling volume and more important is to reduce the viscosity of the mixture system to improve the processing performance and improve the mixture of high-voltage electrical coil permeability, reduce the expansion coefficient of the cured product and the shrinkage rate during curing, reducing the heat between the mixture and the coil difference, improve the heat, electricity, mechanical properties of the curing agent play a useful role.

Paint: The addition of 0.5-10% nano-silicon dioxide (need to be fully dispersed) in the coating, the suspension stability, thixotropy, coating and matrix bonding strength between the performance were significantly improved drying time, Artificial accelerated UV aging test time doubled, scrub resistance from thousands of times to tens of thousands of times, while the coating stain resistance is also significantly improved. 

Plastic: Nano-silicon dioxide is fully dispersed in polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other plastic raw materials, can greatly improve the strength of plastic products, toughness, wear resistance and anti-aging. Nano-silicon dioxide with good light transmittance and small particles, can make the plastic becomes dense. Especially translucent plastic film, adding nano-silicon dioxide not only improves the transparency of the film, strength and toughness, more importantly, the waterproof performance greatly improved. Experiments show that: conventional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film permeability than the addition of nano-silicon dioxide PVC 1.5 times higher.



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