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Spherical silicon dioxide powder to do polishing abrasive effect:

With the development of modern technology, the surface treatment of materials also requires higher and more refined, spherical silicon dioxide powder because of its particles close to the round, through the ultra-fine, graded preparation of ultra-fine powder, and then modified by the metal is good of the washing abrasive, such as in the application of washing bearings, finish up to 3.0 or more, better than the display of similar products.

Also for the semiconductor industry, precision valves, hard disk, head polishing, automotive polishing agent, have a very good effect.

Spherical silicon dioxide in the application of paint:

The use of spherical silicon dioxide powder unique functionality, to replace the precipitation of barium sulfate, talcum powder, for mixing paint, primer, anti-rust paint and other paint preparation (adding 6% to 15%) not only play a role in filling capacity , But also to improve the paint fineness, leveling performance, film hardness, shorten the paint grinding time and paint water, rust, corrosion resistance and pigment dispersion, paint storage stability and other effects are significant. In addition, the spherical silicon dioxide powder, water, surfactant and water according to a certain proportion of the composition of the melt coating, because of its low viscosity, no sagging phenomenon, easy to use and so on, as precision cast in the quality of paint.

For the cabinet finishes, with excellent decorative effect and corrosion resistance.



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