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As the spherical silicon dioxide powder particles are small, high purity, easy to melt in the production of glass, the time is short, products such as borosilicate instrument glass, sodium levy instrument glass, neutral containers and other products physical and chemical properties and appearance quality to meet the corresponding standards, and at the same time, the production of energy-saving effect is particularly significant.

Furthermore, the spherical silicon dioxide powder has the characteristics of fine particle size and uniformity and large specific surface area. It is used for the new drawing process of glass fiber, which greatly improves the degree of homogenization of the glass fiber batch and accelerates the vitrification speed in the furnace. The stability of the drawing is better than that of the glass ball drawing process, and has significant energy saving and lower production cost. As energy-saving mineral raw materials, spherical silicon dioxide used in the ceramic industry, for reducing the firing temperature and improve the yield and so have the desired effect.



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