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Spherical silicon dioxide(treated with coupling agent) is filled with natural rubber, butadiene rubber and other rubber compounds, the powder is easy to disperse, mixing process performance, good rolling and good extrusion, and can improve the curing speed of vulcanized rubber, the rubber also has the effect of increasing viscosity, especially nano-spherical silicon dioxide powder, to replace part of the silica filled in the compound, for improving the physical properties of products and reduce production costs have a good effect. 2um up to 60-70% of the silica fines for export grade medicinal chlorinated butyl rubber stoppers and used in electrical insulation shoes in the effect is very good.

Spherical silicon dioxide powder in the imitation leather production as a filler, the strength of its products, elongation, flexibility and other technical indicators are better than light calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, activated pyrophyllite and other inorganic materials for filling Agent production of the product.

Spherical silicon dioxide instead of refined clay, light carbonic acid and other powder materials used in battery shell, filling up to about 65%, and the process performance is good. The resulting plastic shell products, with a smooth appearance, hardness, acid corrosion, resistance to voltage, thermal deformation and impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties are met or exceeded JB3076-82 technical indicators.



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