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Active spherical silicon dioxide powder is polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other products ideal enhancer, not only a larger amount of filling, and good tensile strength. Made of masterbatch for PVC floor tiles, can improve product wear resistance. 

Spherical silicon dioxide is used in the olefin resin film. The powder is dispersed uniformly, the film is good and the mechanical properties are strong. Compared with the plastic film produced by PCC, the infrared transmittance is reduced by 10% or more. Very favorable. Can also be used for wire and cable outer wrapping and other fields.

General integrated circuits are photolithography method will focus on the circuit in the monocrystalline silicon chip, and then connected to the connection lead and tube angle, and then encapsulated with epoxy plastic package. The closer the thermal expansion coefficient of the plasticizer to the monocrystalline silicon, the better the thermal stability of the integrated circuit. The melting point of the monocrystalline silicon is 1415 ℃, the expansion coefficient is 3.5PPM, the fused silicon dioxide powder is (0.3 ~ 0.5) PPM, the epoxy resin is (30 ~ 50) PPM, when the molten spherical powder is added in high proportion epoxy resin made of plastic molding material, the thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted to about 8PPM, the more close to the single crystal silicon the better. The crystallization of powder known as the thermal expansion coefficient of 60PPM, crystalline quartz melting point of 1996 ℃, can not replace the fused silicon dioxide powder (ie, molten silicon powder), so the high-end integrated circuits do not have spherical powder, but also with molten angle silicon Powder. This is also the high-grade spherical powder to use crystalline powder shaping for the near spherical can not be the reason for success, that is, high-grade plastic powder can not be replaced with crystalline silicon dioxide.



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