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The crosslinking conditions of silicon dioxide aerogels with different molecular weights were investigated, and the optimum conditions were determined to obtain the optimized silicon dioxide gel composite aerogel.

Feasibility Analysis:

(1) The research group made a lot of research on the preparation and performance of silicon dioxide aerogels, and achieved a wealth of results, the silica aerogel preparation process and characteristics have a certain understanding, there are carbon dioxide And ethanol two supercritical equipment, for the implementation of this project provides a solid foundation. The following are the same as the "

(2) Silicon Dioxide aerogels as a good performance of the material has been widely studied, the preparation  process in the use of silicon source, reaction time, add different modifiers, drying methods have been  greatly improved, this is possible for the preparation of high quality silicon dioxide aerogels.

Experimental means:

First, polystyrene solution is prepared. And then the silicon source in accordance with a certain proportion of good, add the appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid to hydrolysis, stirring evenly after adding hydrophobic modifier, standing gel, soaked in a good solution with polystyrene, aging for some time, after solvent exchange, the samples were obtained by supercritical drying.



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