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Silicon dioxide aerogels were enhanced by organic cross-linking:

(1) the mechanical properties of aerogel greatly improved;

(2) to improve the hydrophobic properties of aerogel;

(3) to effectively regulate the pore structure of aerogel and improve its mechanical properties;

Key issues to be addressed:

(1) Under different preparation conditions, the structure of silicon dioxide aerogels obtained is different, and their mechanical properties are different. The silica aerogels with uniform pore structure and good mechanical properties were prepared by studying the influence factors (structure control, physical structure and chemical structure control) in the preparation process.

(2) Investigating the cross-linking of silicon dioxide aerogels with different molecular weight polystyrene at different ratios to determine the optimal preparation conditions to obtain the silica aerogels with optimized performance.

Technical route:

The silicon dioxide sol was used as the precursor to cross-link with the polymer, and the aerogel samples prepared by different sol systems were dried to obtain the corresponding mechanical properties of the aerogel samples, and the different preparation conditions were obtained. Silicon composite aerogel. 

The kinetics of sol-gel transition, the particle growth process and the mesopores of aerogels were studied by means of specific surface analysis, scanning electron microscopy, high resolution transmission electron microscopy, particle size analyzer, dynamic thermomechanical analyzer and advanced rheometer. And microstructure, mechanical properties and other properties, the final process of aerogel synthesis process control conditions and mesopore structure control principles.



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