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Silicon dioxide aerogels prepared with TEOS as silica source have high covalent bond, poor blockability and fragility. Jie Cai et al. Used cellulose fibers as templates to deposit particles on a fibrous network by sol-gel method, thus changing the structure of silica aerogels. With the density of 0.35 g /cm3, the porosity of 83.00% and the specific surface area of 474 m2 /g, the mechanical properties of the samples were improved greatly compared with pure silicon dioxide aerogels. The tensile modulus was 48.2 MPa, and the compressive modulus reached 7.9 MPa. The obtained samples, the process is more cumbersome, the density is higher. Dylan J and so on using methyl methacrylate (MMA) and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) by (SI-ATRP) and tetraethyl orthosilicate polymerization, grafted to the skeleton of silicon, so that the resulting polymer is grown on the surface of the formed gel. When the density of the sample is 0.162g /cm3, the flexural modulus reaches 0.325 ± 0.005 MPa. Based on the long-term accumulation of the research group, the process adopted in the project is relatively simple, eliminating the need for alkali-catalyzed steps, the preparation of samples used in a shorter time, the preparation of the sample mechanical properties is good, wide range of applications.

Silicon dioxide aerogels were prepared with TEOS and APTES as silicon sources. The silica aerogels were prepared by sol-gel method. The effects of the ratio of TEOS and APTES, the amount of solvent, the PH value of the solution and the time of aging on the reaction products were investigated. The experimental scheme was confirmed to have good Mechanical properties.



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