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The silicon dioxide aerogels prepared with TEOS as silica source have high covalent bond, poor blockability and fragility. In order to prepare silica aerogel with good mechanical properties, the application field of SiO2 aerogels is widened. In this project, TEOS and APTES were used as silicon sources, and sol-gel method was used to catalyze the two-step catalysis of the silica aerogels, and the silicon dioxide aerogel was prepared by CO2 supercritical drying. The influence of different technological conditions on the mechanical properties of SiO2 aerogels was discussed, and the optimum process was finally determined. And on the basis of the former, the degree of polymerization of styrene was controlled by AIBN, the sample after the gel was immersed in the chlorobenzene containing styrene, and the polystyrene was attached to the skeleton of the SiO2 gel to enhance the integrity of the sample. The mechanical properties of the samples were investigated by the molecular weight of polystyrene.

Because silicon dioxide aerogel is a material with high porosity (85% ~ 99.8%), high specific surface area (400 ~ 1500m2 / g-1) and continuous three-dimensional network structure in the mechanical, thermal, acoustics, optics, there are many unique properties of electricity, such as low refractive index, low acoustic impedance, low Young's modulus, light and sound scattering properties less than traditional materials, which makes the aerogel not only in basic research but also has broad application prospects in many fields. It has been praised as the most potential new material in the future, and it has a huge development space in heat insulation, catalysis, adsorption and other fields. The large thermal conductivity of nano-sized pores in aerogel is very low thermal conductivity, and the thermal conductivity is about 0.013W · m-1 · K-1 at room temperature. Thermal conductivity of static air. At the same time, the aerogel also has the advantages of green environmental protection and high stability, and has good application prospect in the fields of liquefied natural gas pipeline, ship and aerospace, etc. However, high brittleness and low strength greatly limit the effectiveness and field of its application.



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