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Nano-porous silicon dioxide areogel can also be used in high-level cosmetics additives, various additives, lubricants, paints, abrasives, etc., can also be used for nano-adsorption sterilization materials.

Low acoustic transmission rate of about 100 m /s, nano-porous silicon dioxide aerogels can be used as the ideal acoustic delay or high efficiency insulation materials, and the ideal ultrasonic acoustic impedance coupling materials, in theory, through this coupling can increase the sound intensity to 40 dB.

In the optical properties, can be made visible transparent, infrared opaque aerogel material, infrared and visible light annihilation coefficient ratio of 100 or more, and its refractive index close to 1, between the vacuum window glass of silicon dioxide areogel. The heat loss rate is reduced by 2/3 compared to the best window systems currently available (hydrogen filled and coated with low emissivity indium oxide or silver). Silica aerogels can be used for civil insulating transparent materials, Infrared in the military stealth materials play a role.

Nano-porous silicon dioxide aerogels can be used as high-tech project inertial confinement fusion fusion cryogenic target candidate materials. Due to the matching of low impedance air (400 kg /m2), it is effective in ultrasonic sensor systems.

Nano-porous silica areogel transparent, can present a different color, light as floating in the air, can be developed into high-end crafts.



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