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Silicon dioxide aerogels insulation materials, in ships, especially nuclear submarines on the application can effectively reduce the amount of ordinary insulation materials, increased cabin space, while reducing the cabin temperature, effectively improve the work environment. In addition, foreign airgel materials have been developed with the soldiers protective clothing, will protect the soldiers from the environmental impact, is very favorable to improve combat effectiveness.

We report the dry etching of silicon dioxide layer by cold plasma treatment of atmospheric pressure in pure hydrogen using a diffusion coplanar surface barrier discharge (DCSBD). The silicon dioxide etch rate was estimated to be ~ 1 nm /min. The study of the plasma process was found to be a plasma-induced reduction and etching composition. The change in the surface morphology of the etched sample was observed by a scanning electron microscope. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy was used to determine the surface chemical change due to the reduction process. Two plasma treatment schemes were examined. Although the dynamic process, in which the treated surface moves with respect to the plasma source, results in a uniform treatment, the treatment under static conditions results in a striped pattern on the sample surface reflecting the electrode structure of the plasma source. The result provides a new and simple method for preparing a clean, natural, non-oxidized silicon surface at atmospheric pressure in a dry plasma process.



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