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The silicon dioxide mask is deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition in focused ion beam lithography: In this work, focused ion beam (FIB) lithography was developed as a plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) silicon dioxide hard mask. The PEALD process significantly reduces the deposition temperature of the silicon dioxide hard mask. The FIBGa + ion implantation on the deposited SiO2 layer increases the wet etch resistivity of the illumination region. The programmed exposure in the FIB, followed by development in a wet etchant, enables precise definition of nanoscale patterning. The combination of FIB exposure parameters and development time provides a greater degree of freedom for optimization. The developed process provides high pattern dimensional accuracy over the test range of 90-210 nm. The silicon nanopillars with diameter of 40nm were successfully fabricated by low temperature deep reactive ion etching using the SiO2 mask developed in this work, and the aspect ratio was 16: 1. The resulting masks are suitable for fabrication of high aspect ratio silicon structures of less than 100 nm.

In modern warfare, all kinds of new weapons emerge in endlessly. Thermal protection engineering, as the key technology of these new aerospace weapons, can play an important role in protecting the internal control circuit from failure and preventing the softening of metal structural components. For aerospace weapons, the density is a key indicator of assessment materials, lightweight materials for improving the load capacity of weapons, flying distance is important. Insulation materials made of aerogel materials are highly valued in adiabatic areas where light weight and limited space are required. The most effective way is to cover the surface of the spacecraft with excellent thermal insulation properties of multi-layer insulation material, silicon dioxide aerogel insulation materials than the commonly used insulation materials (foam) is about two orders of magnitude better, is very good Alternative materials. In the plan of human migration to the moon, scientists have silicon dioxide aerogel material act as the main building materials for space.



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