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The effects of the interaction between the support and activecom-ponent of the catalyst were studied to gain deep in sights into catalyst performance during WCO transesterification.The activity of the prepared CsM-Silicon Dioxide (Mstandsforcesiumratio) catalyst for transesterification of waste cooking palmoil (WCPO) was determined after well characterization. It shows that profiles of FAME content of WCPO ove rSiO2, Cs2O and modified CsM-SiO2 catalysts with differentce-sium ratio.There action conditions were same for all catalyst sreaction temperature 65°C, reaction time 3h, cataly stloading 2.5wt% and methanol to WCPO ratio 20:1.

The Silicon Dioxide was found to be rather in active for the transesterification reaction ofWCPOand showed less than 5% of FAME content during 3h reaction time.This low activity might be due to the presence of high acidity and the absence of require basic sites over the silicon oxide for transesterification of WCPO. Further, the cesium oxide is active component in transesterification reaction because of active basic site present in Cs2O catalyst that confirmed with basics trength property. Cs2O could in crease the FAME content to 50% and comparison between SiO2 and Cs2O for FAME content shows some important variations in the reaction behavior.

Swiss Institute of Technology has developed a low-cost, efficient nanoparticle titania - Silicon Dioxide catalyst can be used in the epoxidation reaction. Epoxides are producing many key intermediate polymer, surfactant and medicine. Compared with conventional epoxidation catalyst, this catalyst can greatly improve the conversion rate. They are based on the same material, but very little by-product, while more efficient and more stable. Traditional selectivity epoxidation catalyst at 65 to 80%, while the titania - silica nanoparticles new catalyst selectivity was about 90%.



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