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Silicon dioxide or silica, which is typically present in various bulk crystalline and amorphous forms, has recently been found to have a two-dimensional structure. In this work, we use ab initio and evolutionary algorithms to reveal three new two-dimensional (2D) silica structures with thermal, kinetic and mechanical stability compared to many typical bulk silica. In particular, we have found that all three of these 2D silica structures have large in-plane negative Poisson's ratios and the largest one is twice and three times that of the penta-graphene. The negative Poisson's ratio is derived from the interaction of lattice symmetry and Si-O tetrahedral symmetry. Flat-plate silicon dioxide is also an insulating 2D material with the highest electronic bandgap (& gt; 7 eV) in the reported 2D structure. These heterogeneous 2D silicon dioxide with in-plane negative Poisson's ratio and broadest bandgap are expected to have great potential applications in nanomechanics and nanoelectronics.

In the petrochemical industry, chemical industry and metallurgical industry, pipes, furnaces and other thermal equipment is ubiquitous, with silicon dioxide aerogels and its composite materials to replace the traditional insulation materials for their insulation, can greatly reduce heat loss and improve thermal energy Utilization. In the civil field, with a high degree of transparency and can effectively prevent high-temperature heat radiation of silica aerogels can be used as solar collectors and other thermal insulation materials, greatly improving its practicality. The use of a very low thermal conductivity doped silica airgel to replace polyurethane foam as a refrigerator and other low-temperature system of insulation materials, can prevent the material containing a large number of Freon gas leakage damage the atmospheric ozone layer, thus protecting the human living environment. Cold storage container as a frozen, refrigerated transport equipment, there must be a good insulation structure in order to ensure the normal work of the equipment, with air-silica foam instead of rigid polyurethane foam with low thermal conductivity, high strength, good stability, corrosion, etc., can be used as a cold storage container insulation material. Air gel warm clothes, warm shoes have been in the form of goods in the US market, for the polar expedition, the cold movement, the Arctic expedition and the cold man to provide a cold protection.



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