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Effect of Solvent Amount on Silicon Dioxide Sol-Gel:

TEOS solvents are generally alcohols. It is believed that the solvent has dilution and mass effect on the system, so the increase of the solvent is often beneficial to the performance of the airgel. The gel time is generally proportional to the amount of solvent, and the density of the finished product is inversely proportional to the amount of solvent. However, too much solvent is not conducive to the finished product strength.

Effect of catalyst on silicon dioxide sol-gel:

At present, the preparation of SiO2 aerogels is based on the two-step method of alkali-base. The low pH value favors the hydrolysis of TEOS. The high pH value favors the polycondensation of sols. The two reactions compete with each other, so the pH value is gradually increased in the acidic system value will lead to a sharp reduction in gel time, and even instant gel. The gelation time was close to the pH value, but it was stable when it was near neutral. Which may have a significant impact on the gel structure, such as the general alkaline conditions of poor transparency of the product, the refractive index is low, that this structure, pore thick related.



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