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The application of nano-silicon dioxide in coatings is still in the research stage and remains many key issues.

The specific surface area and surface tension of the nanoparticles are very large, and they tend to attract each other and agglomerate. Once the nano-particles dispersed in the paint not really in the nano-state, it lost its due role. The effective dispersion in the coating system into nano-scale has become a key issue in the production.

Nano-materials is an emerging high-tech products, the traditional coating research methods and detection techniques is not enough, nano-analysis techniques to be improved. Although there are many research methods at present, it is difficult to find a method to characterize the synthesized nano-materials.

Nano-coating formulations, nano-materials added to the coating application of a certain amount of added, when the amount is not enough to play less than the effect; too much to add the amount of both the cost, the quality of paint also declined. Therefore, the formulation of nano-silicon dioxide coatings in the application of the problem must be resolved.

As the nano-materials with other traditional materials with different special properties, the traditional coating construction, storage methods will not be suitable for nano-coating, especially in the nano-filamentous material or nano-layered material for coating; In addition, the lack of nano-coating related standards, such as paint in the nano-pigments in purity, particle size, particle size distribution, storage stability and other indicators and methods of detection standards need to be improved.



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