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Lithium metal battery, as one of the high specific capacity battery systems, has been a major challenge in the field of dendritic growth and instability of SEI films. There are a lot of research from the electrode material, electrolyte, diaphragm and other directions to improve the safety of lithium metal batteries. There are many studies to enhance the safety of the battery through the strengthening of the diaphragm, and through the coating of ceramic materials to improve the diaphragm strength is one of the commonly used methods. Recently, CuiYi research group through the preparation of nano-silicon dioxide sandwich diaphragm method to extend the life of lithium metal batteries. (A) Lithium silicon dioxide STEM pattern and (b) Li, (c) Si, (d) O distribution of EELS Figure (e) Discharge Curve of silicon dioxide Nanoparticles. (B) nano-silica sandwich membrane to improve the safety of the battery diagram In summary, the work through the design of nano-silica sandwiches (nano-silicon dioxide sandwiches) Diaphragms, dendrites pierced into the diaphragm effectively slow down the further growth of dendrites to improve the safety of lithium metal batteries, lithium metal battery design has guiding significance.



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