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In this study, we focus on the fourier transforms spectra of CsM-SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) catalysts.The major chemical groups in silica and supported CsM-SiO2 cata-lystsare identified by the FTIR spectra were shown. The characteristic absorption peaks at 460–619cm?1 are assigned to the bonds tructure vibration of the M+–O,and the characteristic absorption at 785 and 990cm?1 are as signed to the M+ –OH band deformation to Si–O–M+ and O–Si–O stretching is shown at 1630and1080cm?1. Also, the broad band at 1381c ?1is due to siloxane bonds (Si–O–Si).In the predominant and typical peak,with the broad band at 3437cm?1 at tributed to the O–H bending and stretching of the associated water molecule sand the broad band between 2800 and 3750cm?1 is attributed to silicanol OH groups and adsorbed water[24]and bending vibration of water molecules bound to the silica matrix band shows the band at1641cm?1.The peak was not detected between 2800 and 3000 cm?1, due to absence of organic compounds in the silica after the treatment.For different catalysts,some shifts in the peaks position were noticed.

Silicon Dioxide catalysts Further information on the surface morphology of Cs25-SiO2 cat-alystand SiO2 can be obtained from the SEM images presented.The reveals aporous and denser structure of Cs25-SiO2 catalyst compared with the image obtained for silicon dioxide,which shows more agglomerated particles.The more porous structure observed on the cataly stsurface was due to the fine cesium particles.As cesium was added,the sefine particles be camedenser and increased the surface roughness and porosity。High-resolution transmission electron microscopy(HRTEM) CsM-SiO2 catalysts High resolution TEM image were analysed to confirm the structural stability of the prepared catalyst.

Silicon Dioxide, also known as silica rock, is the generic terms of vein quartz, quartzite and quartz sandstone. Mainly used in metallurgical industry with acid bricks. Pure quartz glass or silica can be used for single-crystal silicon refining. For the preparation of silicon compounds and silicate chemical industry, but also for filling sulfuric acid tower. Used in glass, ceramics, Portland cement and other building materials industries. Used as industrial raw materials such as silicon ferroalloy smelting.



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