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Monodisperse spherical silicon dioxide(SiO2) has many advantages, such as large specific surface area, small density, good dispersion and good optical and mechanical properties. It is widely used in biomedical, catalytic, functional materials, high performance ceramics, coatings, composites, recording materials, it also has important applications in the fields of materials, catalysts, adsorbents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, column packing, structural ceramic materials, additives for inks, optoelectronics, data storage, medical diagnosis and immunoassay. 

The silicon dioxide colloid probe can be used for surface force measurement. The hollow silica mesoporous silica sphere has a high specific surface area and void capacity, can be used as a desiccant when used in packaging, can also be used as catalyst carrier SiO2 non-toxic and biocompatible so that it is used as a drug carrier. The fluorescent microspheres can be prepared by the introduction of fluorescent dyes into silicon dioxide spheres, which are widely used in biomedical imaging and immunoassay.

At present, the preparation method of monodisperse silicon dioxide microspheres tends to be mature, however, more environmentally friendly, safer and more economical preparation method is still to be explored. In its application, people get more volume and less defects in the three-dimensional colloidal crystal ordered structure, is constantly developing newer and more convenient method. But the assembly mechanism between these methods is that people have not yet fully understand, we need to do a lot. I believe that in the near future, people will overcome difficulties and usher in a better application prospect.



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