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An ordered silicon dioxide colloidal crystal was prepared by using monodispersed SiO2 colloidal particles with diameter of 286 nm. The results show that the obtained colloidal crystal has a better three-dimensional ordered structure. The sample has an incomplete photonic band gap at 612 nm. Thermal annealing moves the photonic band gap of the sample to the short wavelength region. The prepared SiO2 photonic crystal can be used in the MOCVD method to fill the gap with the high dielectric constant semiconductor material template.

The colloidal crystal thin films were prepared by monodisperse self-assembly of monodispersed silicon dioxide with the size of 200-350 nm by vertical deposition technique. The colloidal silica microspheres are face-centered cubic. The thickness of the film can be controlled by the concentration of the colloidal solution. The peak position of the colloid film depends on the size of the SiO2 microspheres, and the theoretical calculation with Bragg's law the depth of the optical stopband in the transmission spectrum can be controlled by changing the volume fraction of SiO2 particles in the colloidal suspension. A highly ordered SiO2 opal thin film was prepared by vertical deposition method, and the multilayer heterostructures of silicon dioxide colloid crystals were obtained by repeating the vertical deposition method.

At present, the preparation methods of silicon dioxide colloidal crystals are self-assembly under gravity field, self-assembly under centrifugal force field, self-assembly by filtration and sedimentation, self-assembly under electric field, electrostatic force self-assembly and vertical deposition. Self-assembly and vertical deposition under the gravitational field are currently the most studied methods. Of course, other preparation methods are also being perfected, such as the preparation of silica colloid crystals by solvent evaporation convection self-assembly method, the use of low-pressure chemical vapor deposition method to prepare Si Si albedo opal three-dimensional photonic crystal. It has a complete photonic bandgap with a bandgap located in the mid-infrared window region. Researchers are always in accordance with their own needs and the existing raw materials to prepare different colloidal crystals, in order to achieve different purposes.



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