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Silicon dioxide colloidal spheres are easy to prepare and control the particle size, becoming the most widely used preparation of photonic crystal materials. Under the action of force field, colloidal silica colloidal particles can be self-assembled in order to obtain colloidal crystals with periodic refractive index changes in three-dimensional space. As the sintering temperature increases, the gap between the silica microspheres decreases and the arrangement becomes more regular and orderly. The crystal is a potential material for making many functional materials and devices, such as various sensors, filters, switches. However, the colloidal spheres have a high surface energy and are thermodynamically unstable. The colloidal spheres required for assembling photonic crystals are higher than 1013 / cm3. Under such high density conditions, The silica surface is hydrophobic and oleophobic, and it is difficult to uniformly disperse in the organic medium, so it is difficult to assemble and form a complete ordered photonic crystal structure. Can be surface modification, to solve the dispersion of nano-silica and organic matrix compatibility issues. How to reduce the surface energy of SiO2 colloidal sphere and improve the electrostatic repulsion between microspheres has become the focus of research.

In order to solve the problem that the colloidal crystals prepared by gravity sedimentation are small in size and polycrystalline in structure, colloidal silicon dioxide(SiO2) photonic crystals are prepared by vertical deposition method. Vertical sedimentation method is a more mature method of self-assembly colloidal crystals, the advantage is that the quality of the assembled film is good and the cost is low. When the solvent evaporates, the surface of the liquid slowly falls down, and the microspheres self-assemble on the surface of the substrate under the action of capillary pressure to form a colloidal crystal, which forms a colloidal crystal. Namely the vertical precipitation method. Using colloidal microspheres with different diameters and different diameters, SiO2 and colloidal microspheres were self-assembled by the vertical deposition method. A variety of colloidal photonic crystal films.

ZHANG Miao, et al. The self-assembly method of silicon dioxide(SiO2) colloid crystal was improved. Colloidal crystal thin films were prepared by self-assembly of 400 nm monodisperse silica microspheres. The improved vertical deposition technique is expected to be applied to rapid deposition of large area, high quality colloidal crystal materials.



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