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Effect of Reaction Conditions of St?ber Sol - Gel Method on Particle Size and Morphology of Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) Particles:

(1) Alcohol as the solvent, the dispersion of silicon dioxide(SiO2) particles, methanol, ethanol, n-butanol as the solvent particles in a monodisperse state, n-propanol as the solvent particles were agglomerated state. And with the increase of alcohol carbon chain, the particle size of SiO2 microspheres increases, and the size distribution becomes wider. 

(2) As the concentration of ethyl orthosilicate in the reaction solution increased, the silicon dioxide(SiO2) particles formed gradually increased. 

(3) The concentration of ammonia in the reaction solution increased gradually, which promoted the hydrolysis of ethyl orthosilicate, and the particle size of silicon dioxide(SiO2) particles increased obviously.

(4) The reaction temperature can accelerate the aging of silica particles, with the reaction temperature, the resulting silica particles the grains are slightly enlarged. 

The powder prepared by sol-gel method has lower reaction temperature than other methods, and can form metastable compounds. The powder has the advantages of controllable particle size, high particle uniformity, high purity, easy control of reaction process and less side reaction. Avoid crystallization and so on. From the same raw materials, change the process to get different products. The method of raw materials and precipitation of the same, but not directly generate precipitation, but the formation of gel, and then drying dehydration. Product characteristics similar to dry products, prices cheaper than dry products, but the process is more complex than the precipitation method, the cost is high.



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