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The St?ber method based on sol - gel method is simple and cheap method to prepare silicon dioxide, one of the preferred methods. The monodisperse silica particles were prepared by ethyl alcohol as raw material and St?ber method as the medium. The monodisperse silica particles were prepared by catalytic hydrolysis and condensation of ammonia. 

The traditional St?ber method for preparation of silica microspheres was prepared by hydrolytic polycondensation of ethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) in ethyl ortho-silicate-water-alkali-alcohol system. Wherein the action of the base is a catalyst and a pH-adjusting agent, and the alcohol acts as a solvent. 

The modified St?ber sol-gel method is to add proper amount of alcohol, water and ammonia water to the beaker in turn, stir at room temperature with a magnetic stirrer, and then add a certain amount of ethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) And the mixture was stirred for 5 hours to complete the reaction. Then, a series of post-treatments (centrifugation, washing and drying) were carried out to obtain silicon dioxide microspheres. 

The formation mechanism of silicon dioxide(SiO2) microspheres is that the preparation of spherical oxide or hydroxide particles by hydrolysis of alkoxide is a common method. In the presence of only water and alcohol solvent, the rate of hydrolysis of silicon alkoxide is slow, so it is generally necessary to add the catalyst, using ammonia as catalyst can be prepared SiO2 microspheres.



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