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Keeping the amount of TEOS, ammonia and ethanol unchanged, changing the dosage of deionized water to prepare silicon dioxide(SiO2) ultrafine powder. The amount of water used has an important effect on the structure of hydrolyzed polycondensates of alkoxides. The amount of water used is small, the alkoxide groups of alkoxide molecules are less hydrolyzed, and the condensation between hydrolyzed alkoxide easily forms low cross-linked products. , Easy to form a high degree of cross-linked products.

The surface morphology of the powders was observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The particle size distribution, particle shape, crystal dispersion, crystal size and particle size distribution of the powders were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) integrity and other aspects of comparison.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that the particle size of the powders increased with the increase of V (H2O) / V (TEOS). The smaller the V (H2O) / V (TEOS), the more uniform the particle distribution and the better the dispersity. However, all the V (H2O) / V (TEOS) ratio, the crystallization of the powder are intact, and the grains are normal growth. This is because with the increase of water concentration, on the one hand, tetraethyl orthosilicate is completely hydrolyzed, the hydrolysis rate increases, and the polymer structure is formed by the linear transition from two-dimensional network to three-dimensional network; on the other hand, of the reactants is the product of the hydrolysis reaction, the amount of water used to promote the polycondensation reaction, and this effect may be greater than water as a polycondensation reaction product has its inhibition, the two together lead to silicon dioxide(SiO2) particles particle size, there is an increasing trend. Therefore, it is easy to select small V (H2O) / V (TEOS) to obtain smaller particle size silicon dioxide(SiO2) powder.



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