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Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder has the special optical properties that conventional SiO2 does not have, it has the extremely strong ultraviolet absorption, the infrared reflection characteristic. The spectrophotometer showed that the wavelength of 400nm within the UV absorption rate of up to 70% or more, the wavelength of 760nm outside the infrared light reflectivity of 70% or more. It can be added to the coating to form a shielding effect on the coating to achieve the purpose of anti-UV aging and thermal aging, while increasing the insulation coating. By means of particle filling method, the ultrafine SiO2 powder doped into the UV-curable coating, can significantly improve the UV-curing coating hardness and adhesion, but also can reduce the UV-cured coating absorb UV radiation levels, thereby reducing the UV Curing rate of curing paint. Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder has a three-dimensional network structure, has a large surface area, showing great activity, in the paint drying to form a network structure to increase the strength and finish paint, but also to improve the suspension of paint, Keep the color of the paint constant over time. In the building interior and exterior wall coating, if the addition of SiO2 ultra-fine powder, can significantly improve the effect of coating cans, so that the coating is not layered, and has good thixotropy, anti-sagging and construction performance, contamination performance is greatly improved, which has excellent self-cleaning ability.

Rubber is a flexible elastomer excellent flexibility, but its overall performance is not satisfactory, the production of rubber products in the process usually need to add carbon black in the compound to improve strength, wear resistance and aging resistance, but because of charcoal Black to join makes the products are black, and the grade is not high. The advent of silicon dioxide(SiO2) ultrafine powder in China for the production of new color, excellent performance of the new generation of rubber products laid the material foundation.

Adding a small amount of ultra-fine powder of silicon dioxide(SiO2) in ordinary rubber, the product strength, wear resistance and anti-aging properties meet or exceed the high-grade rubber products, and can keep the color long-term change. Micropowder modified color EPDM waterproofing membrane, its wear resistance, tensile strength, bending resistance, anti-aging properties are improved significantly, and colorful, excellent color retention effect. The development of colored tires has also made some progress, such as tire side of the flexural performance from the original 100,000 to more than 500,000 times, is expected in the near future, the realization of domestic cars, motorcycle tires color.



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