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Monodisperse spherical silicon dioxide is amorphous white powder, is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting non-metallic materials. Spherical, flocculent and reticular quasi-granular structure, with anti-ultraviolet optical properties. Its incorporation in the material can improve the anti-aging and chemical resistance; dispersed in the material, can improve the strength of the material, strong; with adsorption pigment ions, reducing the role of pigment attenuation.

In recent years, monodisperse microspheres have been used as materials for self-assembled photonic crystals. The synthesis of monodisperse silica spherical particles is a prerequisite for the preparation of high quality photonic crystals.

There are many methods for preparation of monodisperse silicon dioxide microspheres, such as microemulsion method, chemical vapor deposition method, pulverization method, mechanical alloying method, sputtering method, laser induced chemical vapor deposition method, chemical evaporation coacervation method, precipitation method, supercritical drying method , Hydrothermal synthesis, sol-gel method, micellar method, reverse micelle method, aerosol method, coprecipitation-microemulsion method, radiation synthesis method, spherulite technique and vesicle technique.



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